Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beers from the trip

Managed to find quite a few beers last week that are new to me.

Santa Cruz Ale Works Pale Ale, A+...drank from a double-deuce. Exceptional Pale Ale
New Belgium's Mothership Wit, A-...good Belgian White
New Belgium's 1554, B+...meant to drink from a goblet, I sipped from a plastic hotel cup
New Belgium's Fat Tire (Draft), A...not a new beer for me, but first I've had since Gizz & Humm's in San Angelo, TX back in '99
Bellehaven Scottish Ale (Draft), of my post marathon beers from the Crown & Anchor Pub...was decent enough, should've had a 2nd Fat Tire...aside from the creamy texture, there was nothing remarkable about the beer.
Fuller's Porter (Draft), A...I've yet to find a Porter I didn't like
Anderson Valley Amber Ale (Draft), B...OK...never heard of it.
Carmel Pale Ale, A-...local pale ale, drinkable
Humboldt Hemp Ale, B+...much better than expected. I expected a novelty beverage that barely resembled beer. Got a real pale ale.
Anchor Summer Wheat (Draft), A-, drank at the airport. Not my favorite Anchor beer, but still pretty good.

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