Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Brew Masters Private Reserve

Finally opened the much anticipated 2007 Brew Masters Private Reserve from Budweiser. This 46.5 ounze lager born on 15 Oct 07 weighs in at a hefty 8.5% alcohol/volume.

Here's the label description:

"Decades ago, Budweiser brewmasters started a holiday tradition carried on to this day. Once each year, the brewmasters create a rich, flavorful reserve brew, prized for its unusual smoothness. This limited edition brew is then shared exclusively with family and close friends. Introductin Brew Masters Private Reserve Vintage 2007. This year's brew, a blend of four malts balanced with Bavarian Hops is copper in color, with ruby highlights and a rich caramel aroma. The enticing taste of the 2007 selection is a malty Doppelbock, full and quite smooth, with a classic noble hop finish - perfect for the holidays to share with your family and friends."

This was a damn good beer. Hard to believe Budweiser created this brew. I give it a solid B+. Sonya gave it a B...not sure why she couldn't give it higher marks. I can't find any real flaws with the beer. I've had a few Doppelbocks, but am no expert on that beer style. This was one smooth beer, and I could hardly tell by taste that it packs an 8.5% wallop. The only downside to this beer is that it's only sold in 46.5 ounce magnum bottles. At $11.50 each, it's not cheap. I guess it's like buying wine.

Strap's PQ =13.3
Sonya's PQ = 12.1

**Note that this beer was $.2473 PPO. Very high, so it skews the PQ. This is definitely a "special occasion" beer. I'll buy again in '08.

Also watched Superbad tonight...funniest movie I've ever seen. I talked Sonya in to agreeing with me there...couldn't convince her the Brew Masters' a B+.


Keith said...

'Like buying wine'

I detect a certain distain for the beverage of the grape. Taking a tack from 'Will & Grace': "Sweetie you're paying for a grand experience, and what the f*** about the cost" -- to not directly quote from a certain you know who character. but whatever. (bye the way is Sonya fully sober in that picture?)

Anway I think you need a quotient, based on Phoenix or not, that calculates overall quality regardless of price, I mean dependant on quality you may be quite or, not quite, likely to indulge again and again.

Anyway I'm sure the real Phoenix gave very little regard to the price of the beverage you plied him with, he's hardly an account afterall.

Louis Winthorpe III said...


The grade, B+ in this case for Stephen, is the measure that measures quality regardless of price.

And remember, Phoenix was a working-man's cat. Phoenix was the anti-yuppie cat that preferred beer over wine.

Strap, didn't I catch Phoenix drinking PBR?

Louis Winthorpe III said...

But I have to say, that is a REALLY low Phoenix Quotient. That's even lower than Cold Cock Malt Liquor. That's the lowest PQ you've recorded so far!

Strap said...

the grade is the indicator of quality.

PQ takes cost into affordable C+ (decent tasting beer) is a better buy than this highly expensive B+. this is a good beer, but there are plenty of A's out there as well...but at nearly a quarter per ounce, it's ridiculously expensive.

i like wine...but in most cases, beer is better...and cheaper per ounce.

bottom line...the B+ grade says "I'll buy this again." the low PQ tells me "not very often"

Phoenix was a Natty Light drinker.

Louis Winthorpe III said...

You would have to come up with a multiplier for a Phoenix Quotient for wine, as price per ounce for wine will be more, since one 750 ml bottle is the same as four 12 ounce servings of beer.

Box wine is definitely the way to go with wine. You can get a high quality wine (probably a B-/C+ by your ratings) for $20. That's basically four bottles of wine. And with box wine, it will last for many months--at least 3 and more likely around 6 months since it is vacuum sealed.

Phoenix was a Natty Light drinker? No Old Milwaukee, Keystone, Miller Lite, Schlitz, Colt 45, Old Iron City, or Strohs for Phoenix? Was Phoenix a fan of 40 oz beers?

Strap said...

how does 1 x 750ml = 4 x 12 oz beers? by my calculations, it equals just a little more than 2 beers. are you talking about an alcohol content equivalency? in that case, it depends, especially if you have a high alcohol content beer. you can't factor in everything.

i see no equivalency between beer and wine...i'm a bgeer drinker, not a wine sipper.

for wine, you can't go wrong with 2-buck chuck. it would have the highest ratings under this scheme as it tastes pretty good in my opinion, and it is very cheap.

Louis Winthorpe III said...

True. There shouldn't be a Phoenix Quotient for wine. Phoenix would be offended anyway, the anti-yuppie that he is.

But yes, two buck chuck is hard to beat in terms of bang-for-buck.

Keith said...

Oh God, I see we have a long ways to go in terms of wine education here!

2 buck chuck is to wine what a regular bud is to beer -- enough said. And once you've tasted the good stuff there is NO going back. Okay, it needn't be pricey, and wine was the staple equivalent in the working class French diet that beer was in the German one, but pay a little more and you are paying for an increase in quality versus paying mostly for the packaging which costs the same no matter what is inside the bottle.

Anyway, I doubt that Phoenix was all that discriminate in his drinking habits, natty lightweight or not. And an anti-yuppie cat? In theory maybe, but all the cats I've known gravitate towards luxury the same way as do those goddamn yuppies: indiscriminately.

Anyway a toast to Phoenix!

Louis Winthorpe III said...

Yes, I can drink to that... To Phoenix!

And I still maintain box wine is the best bang for the buck. You can get good quality wine for less in a box.

Strap said...

i've had the so-called good stuff, and i don't think the difference in quality warrants the difference in compared to 2BC.

Keith said...

Oh, I'm totally appalled! You two may have your beers down, but both of you are in need of a wine tasting/appreciation class.

Alexander said...

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